You’ve entered a very special world...
the world of your
favorite childhood
picture book.

It’s a place of comfort and closeness.
You see
bright, beautiful pictures and you
hear the soothing, warm rhythms of your
mother’s voice as she cuddles next to you.

Now she’s reading the part of the story
you love the most.
She’s shared it with
you so many nights over and over that the
poem remains in your heart and when
you dream the colors of the art seem to float
in your mind.

You and your mom are enveloped
together in this special fantasy.

You aren’t sure why but you know that this
time together is important. And as you read,
the lives of the brave and sympathetic
characters in the book
help you understand your own
thoughts and feelings
better as you
journey the pathways to growing up.

These classic books hand picked by your
mom helped
nurture your ability to
imagine, play, feel empathy and
understand life’s lessons.
joyful conversational reading you shared
gave you the wisdom to understand the
real world as you turned the pages together.

For generations, this intimate,
dreamlike world
has been created
as parents read to children at bedtime.

Now you have the opportunity to hand
select just such a story for your own child
or grandchild this Christmas.
The Snowman’s Song: A Christmas Story
is a book you will both treasure and reread
together every holiday season.

This beautiful, dreamy, inspirational story

• encourages your child to find and
to value his or her own unique
identity and voice

• helps your child discover that
kindness to others is the golden
core of Christmas

Shown below are several page
spreads from The Snowman's Song

The Snowman’s Song:
A Christmas Story
Story by Marilee Joy Mayfield
Illustrations by Tracy La Rue Hohn
Over 36,000 sold!

List Price: $19.95
44 pages • Full Color
Hardbound • With Audio CD

Tracy La Rue Hohn

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Marilee Joy Mayfield

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The Snowman’s Song: A Christmas Story
is a life-affirming gift you can share with
your child this holiday season. As you read
and share this emotional story of how
snowman miraculously receives his
longed-for voice
it will bring the beauty
and music of Christmas into your home
this season and for years to come.

When we published The Snowman’s Song:
A Christmas Story
we knew it had the
lasting qualities of stories we had read
when we were little. All of us here on staff
remember the joys of being read to and
experiencing a rare and special story
that made an impression on our hearts
and minds.
These discoveries are waiting
for you and your child to share as you
turn the pages of The Snowman’s Song.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
from all of us at Leaping Antelope Productions

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List Price: $19.95
44 pages • Full Color
Hardbound • With Audio CD

Longed-for dreams
sometimes come true...

A forlorn little snowman hopes, prays and
yearns with all his heart for a beautiful
melodic voice
so he can rejoice by singing
Christmas carols just like human children do.

There is little hope that he will ever have
a voice, because the snow world is quiet
and snowpeople communicate by sensing
thoughts and feelings that travel as ice
droplets in the swirling cold winter air.

But when a cheery red cardinal awakens his
mind and a kind young girl renews his hope,
a Christmas miracle happens and the
little snowman realizes his longed-for
in a powerful, joyful, unexpected way.

Audio CD read by the author
The Snowman’s Song:
A Christmas Story

Play page 12 audio sample
Play page 22 audio sample

Audio CD read by the author
The Snowman’s Song:
A Christmas Story

Play page 12 audio sample
Play page 22 audio sample